Mittwoch, 14. Januar 2015

Reykjavik, Iceland

11.01.2015 - 14.01.2015
Officially my very last stop before going back to Germany on the morning of the 14th. WEEEEIRD!

Reykjavik wasn't anything like I expected it to be. Sure, it was cold, though not as cold as NYC. But I thought it would be a little bigger. I guess I should have known, due to Iceland's total population (of the whole country!) being only a bit over 320,000. That's less than the population of any major city in Germany. 
And Reykjavik, the capitol, inhabits about one third of Iceland's people. Yeah, it's tiny!

I think the city itself does have its charm with all the cute little cafes and Scandinavian design shops, but it is just so extremely expensive that it wasn't too enjoyable for me here. Another aspect I just wasn't lucky with, was my Couchsurfing host, who was blasting 90's techno music 24/7 whilst playing WoW and constantly smoking in the living room, where I was sleeping. Not only that, but the whole apartment was just a dirty mess, and the only cute thing about it was his cat. If it wasn't for my laziness and me only being there at night anyway, I would have definitely moved to a hostel.

Aaaanyway, I spent my days either chilling at the Blue Lagoon or sitting at cafes composing blog posts, since I was done sightseeing after two hours.

Here are some of my few shots of Iceland.

Reykjavik city.

The kitty.

Blue Lagoon. A great spot to relax, but all in all a bit overpriced, just like everything in Iceland. The entry alone was about 35€, and I spent an extra 15€ for the rental of a robe, plus 20€ for food/drinks, and about 25€ for the transport to the Lagoon and back.

Once this blog post is posted, I will already be back home in Germany. Crazyyyyy.

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