Freitag, 23. Mai 2014

Surfing Agnes Water

On the way down from Mackay to Brisbane, we ended up staying in Agnes Water/Town of 1770 for a while. It was a really spontaneous decision, since we just saw the road sign to Agnes Water while driving and decided to check it out. We weren't gonna stay for long - only 1 or 2 days, but are still here right now. Our first surfing class was a success, thus we decided to stay longer in order to be able to surf more.

Mackay, first pie, Eungella, Cape Hillsborough & new hair

Krista took us to get our first meat pie (Julie got the veggie version). 

 Later we went to Eungella to see some platypuses, but ran out of gas and thus had to return to Finchatton, where the next gas station was. Afterwards we drove back up to Eungella and immediately saw a platypus in the river.
 Mackay beach
 A spider at Cape Hillsborough.
 Krista + Kangaroo at Cape Hillsborough!
Later, Krista took us to Kristen at KB's Hair Boutique in Mackay, since I felt the need to get another haircut.
I LOVELOVELOVE the outcome and definitely recommend Kristen! Julie loved it so much that she got a haircut at her place as well. We kinda look like hair-twins (besides from our hair colors, obviously) in this picture.

Montag, 19. Mai 2014



I know I haven't posted anything in really long - Australia's really bad with (free) wifi, plus I haven't had any time the last couple weeks.

On the way from Cairns to Daintree Rainforest we stopped by Port Douglas. This is the first thing you see when you go down the esplanade. Btw, you will find these warnings everywhere in Oz.

 Mossman Gorge, while on the way to the oldest rainforest in the world.

Cairns Corona Backpackers hostel. I LOVE LOVE LOVE this hostel. Julie and I got to know soooo many new people here.
 Cairns - the lagoon

Daintree Rainforest

 Fig tree
 nature's craaazy!
 On the way to Cape Tribulation in the Daintree Rainforest we met this Cassowary.
 Cape Tribulation
 with Ina & Tabea (the girls who sold us their car)!
 Having a BBQ at one of the free public BBQ grills in Cairns with the girls we met at Corona Backpackers!

 Our freshly packed new car Gregan, a Mitsubishi Magna Wagon.
 Millaa Millaa Falls, on the way to Townsville.
 Ellinjaa Falls!
 TOWNSVILLE: on to of Mount Stuart by sunrise at around 5:45am. We brought the chair that my brother had left at Corona Backpackers in Cairns more a year ago!


 Suddenly saw this dude while driving by Proserpine river!
MACKAY: Met up with Krista, who I've met two years ago when she visited her host sister in Germany. SOOOO glad she offered us to crash at her place and take us around EVERYWHERE! LOVE YOU KRISTA<3

 Mackay Marina!
 Going out and exploring Mackay with Krista and her girls!
 Cedar Falls

 On the way to Cedar Falls we had to drive through a river (in a Suzuki Swift) :D

Sonntag, 4. Mai 2014


 02.05.2014 - 05.05.2014

Singapore is definitely the most westernized Asian country we've been to. Everything's clean, due to a law prohibiting littering and eating in public places, such as the metro.
This time we didn't have any problems at the airport and upon our arrival at our hostel (Bunc Hostel @Radius in Little India), we fell asleep in our 16-bedroom that we had all to ourselves. We woke up on the next day at 2pm and headed to Orchard Road to get us some nice dresses and accessories for going clubbing on the same night. Due to the lack of space, we had not brought any fancy clothes in our backpacks and kind of regretted it, once seeing the prices at the malls. Even H&M and Zara clothes are double the price than in Germany/Europe. We ended up shopping till 9pm, "trying out" make-up at Sephora, and getting our hair straightened at a little Jose Eber counter. After we were done, we went to the New Asia bar on the 70th floor of Swissotel The Stamford and later headed to Zouk club (just like the one in Kuala Lumpur - apparently it's a small chain) and stayed there until all the lights and music were turned off.

Day 2: Slept till around 6pm... And decided to see at least a little bit of Singapore by going to Marina Bay and walking around the bayfront.

 We went up the Marina Bay deck for free by walking past the elevator staff with confidence and determinacy, saying we were just gonna grab a cocktail upstairs.