Freitag, 23. Mai 2014

Mackay, first pie, Eungella, Cape Hillsborough & new hair

Krista took us to get our first meat pie (Julie got the veggie version). 

 Later we went to Eungella to see some platypuses, but ran out of gas and thus had to return to Finchatton, where the next gas station was. Afterwards we drove back up to Eungella and immediately saw a platypus in the river.
 Mackay beach
 A spider at Cape Hillsborough.
 Krista + Kangaroo at Cape Hillsborough!
Later, Krista took us to Kristen at KB's Hair Boutique in Mackay, since I felt the need to get another haircut.
I LOVELOVELOVE the outcome and definitely recommend Kristen! Julie loved it so much that she got a haircut at her place as well. We kinda look like hair-twins (besides from our hair colors, obviously) in this picture.

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