Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

Koh Lipe

23.04.2014 - 28.04.2014

This island is about 4km² small. We loved the atmosphere and privacy of it. Cute little island!

Sunrise Beach

Our little bamboo hut at Gecko Lipe Resort

 Scooter Taxis
 "Walking Street" - where all the action is
 We were loyal customers of Aroy Mexican and absolutely loved their authentic food. It's a bit pricey for Thai standard,  but sooo delicious!
 Taking a scooter taxi to Sunset Beach!
 ...and having the beach all to ourselves.

 Pattaya Beach by sunset

 Misses "YOOOHOOOO"-Roti, who makes the best Roti pancakes stuffed with banana pieces and topped with Nutella.

 Elephant books & coffee

 Skimming through a couple books, Julie found this.

 ...and cute little kittens. This one's called "Captain Sparrow" due to it only having one eye.

 One and only "movie theater" on Koh Lipe.

On the 28th we left Koh Lipe to go to Krabi, spent one night there and headed to Krabi airport on the 29th to go to Kuala Lumpur.

Dienstag, 29. April 2014

Koh Phi Phi and Maya Bay

21.04.2014 - 24.04.2014

On April 20th we were brave enough to take a night boat from Koh Phangan to Koh Phi Phi (actually we had to take the night boat, then a bus to get from the East coast to the West coast and then another boat), even though we had heard it's not the most comfortable way to get to there (which is an understatement). This is what the night boat actually looks like on the inside. The mattresses were about 2cm thin, 40cm in width and about 1,50m in length.
 But in the end, it was all worth it. We arrived one day later, on the 21st, and the first thing we did was to go to the beach and do absolutely nothing. Once we were done doing so, we met a couple Germans from Bavaria who talked us into coming to Maya Bay with them. BEST DECISION EVER.
 The ride on the longboat to Maya Bay took about 30-45 minutes.

 The beach by Maya Bay (The movie "The Beach" beach!) is by far the most beautiful beach I have ever been to. The water is more turquoise in its color than any of our cameras could capture.

 After about 2 hours at the beach, our "longboat captain" took us to another place to snorkel. THERE WERE SO MANY CORAL REEFS AND FISH AND IT WAS THE BEST SNORKEL TOUR EVER!

Oh, and on the way we also got to see the Viking Cave from the outside. Some people actually live there.
 The trip ended with this beautiful sunset (that the camera couldn't really capture well).

Koh Phi Phi's main beach itself (NOT Maya Bay) is not so nice for swimming due to its extremely warm temperature and slimy ground, BUT the island itself definitely has its charm. Especially the night life on Koh Phi Phi was by far the best out of all islands we've been to (Koh Tao, Koh Phangan, Koh Lipe). If you're ever there you MUST go to Reggae Bar to see some Muay Thai fights while you have a drink or eat something. You could also volunteer to fight with some other tourists (which is a bad idea, since we saw a tourist break his shin while fighting....). Then there's Banana Bar that you should definitely check out. If you go to the very top table you'll have the best view over all of Phi Phi.

Freitag, 25. April 2014

Koh Phangan

15.04.2014 - 20.04.2014

On our second day on the island we rented a scooter, even though we had heard of the famous scooter scam before. We were told that every bike rental place keeps your passport as a security deposit and that some might try to bribe you with it afterwards. Having heard this we were extremely careful and took pictures of the scooter and its already existing scratches before renting it, so that we couldn't be blamed for any of those afterwards. Everything went well and the lady who rented out the scooters was extremely nice! In case you're ever on Koh Phangan thinking about renting a scooter, we can definitely recommend "Sri Phangan Bike".

 "We need your bikini"!

 The foodmarket by Thongsala Pier was great! We got our daily spring rolls and pad thai there for really really cheap.
 Haad Rin - the nicest beach on Koh Phangan, even though the water was way too shallow and hot!

 ABC Lifestyle Restaurant and Bungalows - we stayed at the bungalow there for as low as 450 baht/night (which is around 10€..for two people!) and even had our own fridge (which is a BIG deal over here) and tolerated the ants and geckos in our room because of that. The restaurant right by our room was amazing as well. We went there every day to get thai food for 50 baht per dish (a little more than 1€) and banana shakes for 20 baht (50 cent).

Montag, 14. April 2014

Songkran in Koh Tao

snorkeling with Julie - we were lucky to meet Niki and Max who were super fun and who carried an underwater camera and offered to take pictures of us and e-mail them to us. Sadly they left Koh Tao the day after :(

 Eating Thai food: Pad Thai and Masaman Curry

 Songkran & watersplash festival at the Maya Beach Club at Sairee Beach