Freitag, 25. April 2014

Koh Phangan

15.04.2014 - 20.04.2014

On our second day on the island we rented a scooter, even though we had heard of the famous scooter scam before. We were told that every bike rental place keeps your passport as a security deposit and that some might try to bribe you with it afterwards. Having heard this we were extremely careful and took pictures of the scooter and its already existing scratches before renting it, so that we couldn't be blamed for any of those afterwards. Everything went well and the lady who rented out the scooters was extremely nice! In case you're ever on Koh Phangan thinking about renting a scooter, we can definitely recommend "Sri Phangan Bike".

 "We need your bikini"!

 The foodmarket by Thongsala Pier was great! We got our daily spring rolls and pad thai there for really really cheap.
 Haad Rin - the nicest beach on Koh Phangan, even though the water was way too shallow and hot!

 ABC Lifestyle Restaurant and Bungalows - we stayed at the bungalow there for as low as 450 baht/night (which is around 10€..for two people!) and even had our own fridge (which is a BIG deal over here) and tolerated the ants and geckos in our room because of that. The restaurant right by our room was amazing as well. We went there every day to get thai food for 50 baht per dish (a little more than 1€) and banana shakes for 20 baht (50 cent).

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