Mittwoch, 30. April 2014

Koh Lipe

23.04.2014 - 28.04.2014

This island is about 4km² small. We loved the atmosphere and privacy of it. Cute little island!

Sunrise Beach

Our little bamboo hut at Gecko Lipe Resort

 Scooter Taxis
 "Walking Street" - where all the action is
 We were loyal customers of Aroy Mexican and absolutely loved their authentic food. It's a bit pricey for Thai standard,  but sooo delicious!
 Taking a scooter taxi to Sunset Beach!
 ...and having the beach all to ourselves.

 Pattaya Beach by sunset

 Misses "YOOOHOOOO"-Roti, who makes the best Roti pancakes stuffed with banana pieces and topped with Nutella.

 Elephant books & coffee

 Skimming through a couple books, Julie found this.

 ...and cute little kittens. This one's called "Captain Sparrow" due to it only having one eye.

 One and only "movie theater" on Koh Lipe.

On the 28th we left Koh Lipe to go to Krabi, spent one night there and headed to Krabi airport on the 29th to go to Kuala Lumpur.

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