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Kuala Lumpur

30.04.2014 - 02.05.2014

Once we landed at the Kuala Lumpur airport and took our trolley with all our bags to the bus, I got my iPhone stolen. Which is pretty shitty. We walked around for 2 hours trying to find it, calling it, "find my iPhone"-apping it, and eventually just filed a police report. Of course, it did not turn up, and although this freaked me out (due to having banking-apps and other data on it), we didn't let this ruin our experiences in Kuala Lumpur.

The city is lovely, while the airport is hell. But more about that later.

First of all: The transit system in Kuala Lumpur is horrible and for every single ride, you need to buy a single fare ticket. Every time. And you'll mostly have to have the exact amount of cash in small bills and coins only. BUT, nonetheless, it is super cheap. You can get a ride for as low as 2 Ringgit (about 45 cents).

Sadly, we could not get on top of the Petronas Twin Towers, since in order to do so, you need to buy your tickets the day before. But we were able to take picture in front of them and also while we were on top of the KL Tower later.
 KL Tower in the background.

 On the Open Deck of the KL Tower. This deck was only built 4 months ago.

View of the Petronas Twin Towers.

 Our (super expensive) Open Deck Ticket allowed us to get on the "normal" deck as well. The view on the Open Deck was better.
 On our way to the birdpark, we got stuck inside of a (tax) demonstration.
 BIRDPARK. The birds were just chilling, flying and walking around everywhere freely.

 View of the Golden Triangle.
Our hotel was right on Petaling Street in China Town. Crazy part of KL with fake stuff everywhere.

 If you're ever in Kuala Lmupur at night, make sure to get up the Rooftop Mansion at Reggae Mansion. It's a hostel with a rooftop bar on top that offers the best view of the city. You don't even pay admission and the drinks are pretty cheap (compared to Singapore.....).

Later we ended up at ZOUK Club and only got back to our room in the morning to check out and proceed to go to the airport.

Getting to the airport was a torture. We got to the bus station 20 minutes early and still had to wait about 45 minutes for the bus, since the one we were supposed to take never showed up. We then took a bus at 1pm and only got to the airport at 2:45, even though the bus was supposed to be there after an hour. GREAT.
So while we rushed to find the Tiger air counter at the LCC Terminal, we realized that there is no Tiger air counter. We talked to about 20 people, who all sent us in different directions, and only after finding an open information desk (the ones we found prior to this were all closed?!), we were told that we were at the wrong terminal. So we had to take a cab to the other terminal, which was 20 minutes away.
LONG STORY SHORT: We got there about 45 minutes prior to the flight, checked in hectically, ran to the gate and upon our arrival, found out that our flight had been delayed for 1:30 hours.
Then we cried. A little. And laughed. And couldn't get any food, due to being at a newly built gate without any eateries (and we hadn't eaten anything that day). So we suffered with 15 other people and were mad at Tiger Air for this stupid, stupid day.

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