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Las Vegas, Sedona, Grand Canyon

06.12.2014 - 06.01.2015

So this was it. I had officially taken a step back into 'normal' life. No more living out of a backpack, no more flip flops in bathrooms (aw yeah), no more unpacking and repacking every couple days. For now - I still had NYC and Iceland to conquer.
Don't get me wrong; I loved finally seeing my aunt, cousin, uncle, BUT it just felt weird to not have to worry about or organize anything anymore. Seeing it from a different angle, it was definitely luxury to be staying with my aunt, in my own bed, being able to use my aunt's car everyday. I can't express how thankful I am to have such a great family, who takes care of me and makes me feel welcome no matter what.

I did not take many pictures on my DSLR at all, thus I included a lot of iPhone pictures in this post. Don't mind the quality of some of the pictures that, by the way, I posted in no particular order.

If I were to post all of my pictures I shot in Vegas, I'd mostly post pictures of food. Good food. That I had plenty of in Vegas. So here, have a couple pictures of food (and drinks).

A trip to Vegas (or anywhere in the SW of USA) would be incomplete without IN-N-OUT. It's honestly the food that I've been looking forward to the most during my whole trip.

Caesar's Palace

HIGHLIGHT. Having Helge back with me, since he visited me in Vegas for 10 days. This picture was taken at The Range in Vegas, where Vince took us shooting.

Maroon 5 concert at Mandalay Bay

NYE at Vince's and Kasia's place in Vegas.

Mandalay Bay

Auntie's favorite boy



The Grand Canyon

Hoover Dam

My favorite toddler. Little Quinnie, the cutest quarter Korean baby.

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