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Fiji Time

02.12.2014 - 06.12.2014
Before sort of ending my backpacking trip by staying with my family in Las Vegas (which means no more hostels, no more flip-flops in bathrooms, no more other backpackers), I decided to squeeze in a short trip to Fiji (which is on the way anyway). There I would catch my last rays of sunlight and a fairly nice tan before heading straight into the winter.

Upon arrival, all passengers at the airport were welcomed by Fijian dancers performing a traditional "welcome dance", which would be my first experience of the Fijian great sense of hospitality.

When a representative of the hostel/hotel I was gonna stay at picked me up, the first thing he said was that there is no time in Fiji but Fiji time, and everything is measured in Fiji time. Which basically means everything eeeaaasy goooooing!

A staff member cutting up a fresh coconut for me

On the way to the "city" of Nadi. There really is no such thing as a city in the Western sense, but there is kind of a marketplace.

Selling traditional kava at a market hall.

Since I only had a few days time on Fiji, I thought I might as well make the most of it and book a day tour to see some of the islands. I ended up booking the "Seaspray" tour that would take me from Mana island to Mondriki island (where "Castaway" was filmed!) and a traditional village on another island.

Tom Hanks was here!

Traditional kava ceremony held by village people. We all had a coconut shell full of kava, which tasted somewhat like a mixture of dirt and something cinnamony. But in a bad way.

After all, 4 days on Fiji (at least in Nadi) were enough for me. I'm pretty sure that you can spend way more time there if you do not just stay on the main island Viti Levu like me, but explore more of the little 300something islands that Fiji has to offer.

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