Sonntag, 8. Juni 2014

Agnes Water to Brisbane (Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary)

We eventually left Agnes Water to go to Brisbane. On the way to Brissi, we stopped in Bundaberg to take a break and sleep in our beloved car Gregan. It was such a hassle to try and find a place to safely sleep without having to worry about the police or security finding us and giving us a fine. Sleeping in a car in Australia is illegal and will be fined with 2000$ if police sees you. Everyone does it anyway.

These pictures were taken shortly before we left Agnes Water on the 24th of May. We left "Elke", our pink chair at the hostel and hope to have started (or continued on) the passing around of Elke all around Australia. I have recently heard that Elke is still in Agnes Water, but might be taken to other places soon.

On one of our first days in Brisbane, we decided to check out a koala sanctuary since you haven't really experienced Australia if you haven't at least seen or even touched a koala! We got to hang out not just with koalas, but also with kangaroos, birdies and snakes.

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