Freitag, 4. April 2014

HK Day 2

 Don't mind the bad quality of the pictures today - I forgot to take my DSLR.

So today Crystal and her dad took us to go ice skating on an ice rink inside a mall, since Crystal is a (I SAY PROFESSIONAL) ice skater (She says she's not, but just watch the videos!).
As we were sitting in Crystal's dad's car on the way to the ice rink, he suddenly stopped and pulled into a little path, and these little cuties were expecting us there.

And suddenly there were more.

And I freaked out.
Then we became friends with a panda at Ocean Park, where we spent most of the day. It's kind of like an amusement park with rollercoasters and all, and in the midst of it you can stare at panda bears behind glass.

 They even had cable cars at Ocean Park
 THE PEAK! later that night. It's said to be the best view in all of Hong Kong.

 Inside the mall right by The Peak we found this thing called "Post Love to the Future" - A wall with a case for every single day of the year you can put your postcards in. If you write a postcard and put it in, let's say, the case for December 1st, it'll be mailed on December 1st. That way you can manage to mail someone a postcard from Hong Kong e.g. for Christmas, even if you're not in Hong Kong at that time.

For dinner we had the BEST BEST BEST seafood ever, right by the harbor. Everything was as fresh as even possible, since you were to chose the kind of seafood you wanted to eat while it's still in the tanks prior to dinner.

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