Sonntag, 9. November 2014

Best of Magnetic Island & Cairns (2nd time!)

I know, I know.
I keep on procrastinating when it comes to uploading new blog entries. I am already a couple cities (&posts) behind, so let me quickly put together a BEST OF of my short stay on Magnetic Island and my second visit in Cairns.

The moon, as seen from Australia.

BASE hostel on Magnetic island. Usually, I am not too big of a fan of BASE, but their hostel on Magnetic island exceeds the standards of all their other BASE hostels in Australia. I especially enjoyed the perfect location RIGHT by the beach, and the well-organized games and parties at the hostel bar (where Melina, Ingmar and I won a $80 bar tap woooohooo).

I think I really only took pictures of the Great Barrier Reef, and not of Cairns itself this time.
These pictures don't do the beauty of the Great Barrier Reef justice - you will need to see this with your own eyes!
I truly enjoyed my one day trip out on the reef with Deep Sea Divers Den, and I can only recommend them. It might not be ideal for the seasick (even I got seasick, and I don't ever do), but the true colors and fauna of the reef will make you feel better instantly.

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