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08.07.2014 - 18.07.2014

A couple weeks ago I spontaneously decided to go to Bali to visit some friends that had invited me and Julie over a while back. We met these four German guys while driving down from Cairns on the way to Brisbane and spent a couple of days of our journey with them. Since they were only here in Australia for a couple weeks that they were off uni, they didn't stay too long and soon returned to continue their semester abroad at university in Bali.

So, as I already said, one day I just decided to visit them and about 5 days later I sat on a plane to Bali and was picked up by Tobi on his scooter once I had arrived at the airport of Denpasar.
I'm sooo damn thankful that Tobi, Tim, Marcel and Erik let me stay at their villa, showed me around and let me experience Bali nightlife out in Kuta as well as the poolparties at their villa.

 Kuta beach area with its touristy shops.

 Dreamland beach. This was taken on a day tour that Sophia, Linda (girls that were also visiting the 4 German guys) and I did.

 Padang Padang Beach.

 Uluwatu Beach
 The following pictures were taken at the Pura Uluwatu "monkey temple" which is, as the name already says, filled with wild monkeys that seem like they have taken over that place. Upon entry you are advised to take off your sunglasses, hats and any other accessories that might be easily taken by the monkeys.

I did neither wear sunnies, nor did I wear anything that could EASILY be stolen by monkeys. Still, one aggressive little fucker managed to bite into the back of my flip flop and tore on it, so that I felt to rather release that flip flop than to have my foot bitten off.
Here's that monkey holding on to my flipflop and some candy that a little Balinese boy gave him to let go of my shoe.

 Taken during our North tour, on the way to the Git Git waterfalls & the holy hot springs in Lovina on our scooters. Special thanks to Tobias for being a tour guide to me throughout all the time in Bali :D

 Pura Ulun Danu Temple


One of the Git Git Waterfalls

 Holy hot springs in Lovina
 Tanah Lot Temple


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