Freitag, 11. April 2014

Koh Tao

On Wednesday night Julie and I took a bus all the way from Bangkok to Chumporn in order to take a catamaran to Koh Tao from there. The bus ride took about 9 hours and the ride on the catamaran less than 2 hours. The picture below shows the pier by Chumporn at dawn.

 Nungyuan island - the best place to go diving

 Once we had arrived Koh Tao, we took a "cab" (a pick up....) to our "hotel" on the other side of the island. The coasts are only 3 kilometers apart.
 Once again, we almost died taking a ride with this taxi, and soon we realized why taxis around here couldn't just be small cars, but needed to be pick-ups. The ride was bumpy and we were off-road a lot driving through the jungle.
 Finally we arrived at our little cabin

 Our cabin from the outside

 The pool right by the beach is just 50 meters from our cabin!

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